Tuesday October 03, 2023


Hello, I'm Colin.

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About Face Audio.

A new lifestyle brand

The shapemix brand in one of many forms.

Jazz CD Digipack and Poster Design

Sound Image Motion Commercial Sound Effects & Music Reel

Music score and composition for Eisenstein's propoganda film "The Battleship Potemkin."

Masstrails, a great service for finding nature.


My new album

A simple, one page web site for bands

Web site version 1 for Cubiq, a new kind of storage company.

Computer vision-based projects. Programming using processing and a Kinect for a touch-based sculpture. Collaboration with artist Jaturont Jamigranont.

Identity design for Cubiq.

Data Visualization using D3.js showing recent and upcoming events as larger bubbles, with distant events smaller.


This track is the result of two years of work based on the ideas of conspiracy, technology and what it is to be us right now.

A data visualization of classical composers and their relationships to one another according to who each of them studied with. Using the platform I developed in Processing.

Changing Worlds

The tools to build media have also evolved from the highly specialized toward the generalized. Thirty years ago the reproduction of text required a printing press. Music making needed at least a mixing console, some multitrack tape, and a microphone. Filmmaking necessitated at least half a dozen specialized skills and many distinct pieces of ...

Download the PDF from "The experience of dynamic media"

Various brand materials from Orange, including: signage, web sites, mobiles phone interfaces and a brand style guide.

Panorama, an exhibition in Warsaw that included a continuous slitscan photograph of the Vistula River and accompanying multi-speak music. I programmed the photographic output and music from video footage.

Winterhue, a public arts & technology project in collaboration with Good Good Design.

Synaesthesia as a Model for Dynamic Media

What if you woke up one morning and you discovered you could hear colors? What if instead you thought certain numbers had personalities? If you could taste shapes? For a small population this is a permanent condition. It’s called synaesthesia. Its Latin root words are “together” and “with the senses,” meaning that in the person’s mind, aspects of one sense are clearly associated with aspects of another sense...

Download the Book PDF of "Synaesthesia as a Model for Dynamic Media"

Photograph of Local politician Kevin Fitzgerald from the series "Mission Hill:The Fluidity of Neighborhood.

From the archive: In 2001, design made for a network-based clock.

Hashing pager data from 9/11/2001 using Daniel Shiffman's method.

Web site for the architectural firm Anmahian Winton.

Detail of hull lettering for the "Prince Kropotkin."

Poster depicting a brief history of computation.

Sound Image Motion Audio B Reel

Experiencing Panorama, a short documentation of the exhibition in Warsaw, with the music from the exhibition.

Plotting sound experiment using Processing.

Fun with Reactable Shapes on top of the original Shapemix platform.

Systems, a musical video using footage from the Prelinger archives to describe the processing of meat. Appetizing and uplifting.

If the government could collect data about you across your whole life and consolidate it into one repository, what would it look like? My answer was to create a a proof-of-concept video that would demon- strate how CCTV footage, mobile phone logs, utility bills, ID access logs, email transcripts and biometric data could be organized in one big scary place.


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